90 Frobisher Road, Winnipeg MB R3T 3Z4 Canada
The park has no landline phone available.

Maple Grove Dog Park


Welcome to MGPDOA

The November 23rd AGM

The 2017 AGM ran successfully with a number of forward looking projects announced. 

The Election of Board members had been a major concern for a few months. The mood of the current Board went quickly from worry to elation when Kirsten Bishop showed she was interested in running for President of the Board. We do have a complete Board with several new members.

Welcome to our new sponsor

Our new sponsor is Happy Tails Pet Resort and Spa located on St Anne's Road.

For many years now park users have been asking for the park to install some  place for users to use so they can enjoy the park for longer periods at a time. 

We now have that function!

The MOTION for a port-a-potty a success!!!

MGPDOA Policy and Procedures ready to go

Manuals like this are important to the organization in helping Board members  understand the operation and explain their part within the operation. 

The manual contains an introduction  with background information, followed by:

  • Policy documents
  • MGPDOA Bylaws
  • Board positions
  • Job descriptions 

Checklist samples

  • The year's Scheduled Events

Hints for various Special Events