MGPDOA Policies and Procedures

Who, What, when, where and why?

Find out what you need to know!

It takes significant time and effort to produce information that usable, accessible and accurate. 

Still it should be considered a worthwhile use of time. 

  • This manual explains what each Board member has volunteered for.  
  • It can also be useful for park users who may want to volunteer for some position but first want to know what to  expect.

Table of Contents

Finding information can be a very time consuming effort. A well-developed and maintained manual makes it easier!

The Table of Contents is a valuable tool when you need to find specific information. 

  • The TOC headings are linked to the content for easier accessibility.

The manual contains an Introduction  which includes some background information. It is followed by the Appendix with this content:

  • Policy documents
  • MGPDOA Bylaws
  • Board position descriptions
  • Job descriptions 

At the end are Checklist samples which can be helpful in working through some of the Procedures.

  • The year's Scheduled Events with hints for various Special Events
  • Task lists to prepare for events such as the BBQ or the AGM 

Accuracy is important


If you find incorrect or incomplete information, Contact us to let us know.

You may need someone, or something to save you if you don't know what to do next!

If you have a big furry friend like this, you should be OK! Documentation that has and is maintained will too.

The online version of the manual is the most currently accurate version. You can download it but if you hold on to it for a while it may have changed. 

Check the online version to confirm the date and version at the bottom of each page. 

It is a living document and will be changed as often as needed.