About us and our neighbours

Layout of the dog park and our neighbours

Maple Grove Park is located on Frobisher Road, just north of the intersection of St. Mary's Road and the Perimeter Highway in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The park is shared by the St. Vital Mustangs Football Club, Maple Grove Rugby Park, Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports, and includes a large off leash area for dogs.

Looks like our neighbourhood beavers were hungry

More about the park

The designated off leash dog park features fields, forest and riverside areas with a number of trails. There is a fenced in area for the use of smaller dogs who may be intimidated by the larger dogs.

Some owners use that area for training their pets too.

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190 Frobisher Rd, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 3Z4, Canada

No public telephone is available at the park.

Maple Grove Dog Park is always open. Updates on the road condition are often shown on Facebook.