Guidelines and Procedures

MGPDOA Policy and Procedures

At the 2017  AGM, a manual, the MGPDOA Policies and Procedures,  published after an extended development project was submitted to the membership for their approval.  This manual includes newly documented content in: 

  • Governance information (Mission, Mandate and Vision - new)
  • Bylaws (which have existed for several years), 
  • Policies (new), 
  • Board members responsibilities (new) 
  • Job Descriptions (new) 

There is still some work to be done on the content, and there may be feedback from AGM attendees. It is a living document and need to be maintained on a regular basis.

The other major part is the Operational Procedures that will continue. The procedures need approval from those who work on the and the Board of Directors. Member approval is not needed.

Minutes of AGMs and Board Meetings


Election of Board members